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by Clark Ashton Smith

From the famed "Zothique" Series

Classic literature brought to life!

THE CHARNEL GOD by Clark Ashton Smith

While traveling, a young couple stops for lodging in the wrong place...the infamous city of Zul-Bha-Sair! Unbeknownst to Phariom and his wife Elaith, Zul-Bha-Sair is home to Mordiggian, feared god of all who die within his territory. When Elaith falls ill and lapses temporarily into unconsciousness, shadowy agents of Mordiggian arrive and whisk her away to the god’s massive temple. Left with no other option, Phariom attempts a dangerous mission to locate and rescue his stolen wife. A nail-biting journey into the world of darkness, suspense, and necromancy!


Zothique is earth’s last continent in the very distant future when the sun has grown dim, the world has grown old, and the remorseless seas have overwhelmed all other continents. The sciences have been forgotten as the shadowy arts of sorcery and magic have been reborn. The result: a dark world of older mystery where
luxurious kings and wandering heroes venture across dim landscapes, pitting their strength and wisdom against powerful wizards, necromancers, and alien gods, all under a dying sun.


Running Time: 77 Minutes

Retail Price: $15.00
Special Internet Price: $13.00


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