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Remember the magic of Old Time Radio?
Well, that magic has returned...with a futuristic sound!
Ziggurat Productions proudly presents an exciting new catalog of opportunities to visit worlds and adventures far, far away with just your ears and your mind!  
Enter the universe of your imagination!
Please take a moment to browse Ziggurat’s library of dramatic audio adventures, each performed and recorded for your listening pleasure by Third Ear Radio Theater.

At Ziggurat you will never find a story simply read lifelessly into a microphone.


Ziggurat productions feature talented casts, original music, and rich sound effects on high-quality CDs and cassettes packaged inside easy-to-store cases, each with imaginative artwork and graphics.  We at Ziggurat welcome you to our world theather...the theater of the mind!  
So relax, sit back between stereo speakers, and let Ziggurat open the theater of your imagination!

Enjoy the adventures...

Remember, until worlds collide,
we have all the time in the world!!

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